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Looking for Talented Stylists (Los Angeles)
Looking for Talented Stylists  Los Angeles
Hi,I'm a photographer who recently moved to LA from Belgium.I've been looking for stylists to work with but haven't had any luck...I'm looking for someone with a great sense of style and a high taste
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Need Beautiful Afr. Amer. Woman (California)
Need Beautiful Afr  Amer  Woman   California
I am in search of a women that resembles the woman in the photo. I need for you to create a video (on youtube) and I will send you what I would like for you to say in the video. All you need to do is
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Simple Vector Designs needed - work from home
Simple Vector Designs needed - work from home
I am looking to buy simple vector designs that can be cut by a plotter. These designs , while simple, need to be owned by you so I can purchase them for full ownership. I don't care if you trace exist
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Seeking Singers & Dancers (Los Angeles Area)
Seeking Singers  amp  Dancers  Los Angeles Area
Seeking singers, dancers or musicians for Showcase. Top talent will earn performance in music video. Groups Welcome. Prepare 3 minutes for audition. Original or cover tunes. Submit photo and resume or
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Start Today, Paid Cash Daily! (Temecula Murrieta Inland Empire)
Start Today  Paid Cash Daily   Temecula Murrieta Inland Empire
$20 hr for any person who has good work ethic! This is a work from home position. This is not at all a "hard sell" and you can realistically make $100-$200 per day in this independent contractor posit
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does your HD need a lite. get a real cam (blinding guests ?) )
does your HD need a lite  get a real cam  blinding guests
does your HD need a lite. get a real cam. (blinding guests ?) your great H yped D ata try VHS / failure FREE recording Low Lite VHS /// lost data lost $ A Very LowLite Event VHS, like 2 C your H yped
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Seeking fashionable girls to be a blogger for online shopping site (Los Angeles)
Seeking fashionable girls to be a blogger for online shopping site  Los Angeles is launching an online retail site where women can shop for unique and trendy apparel and accessories they can't find anywhere else. We are looking for the right girl to be the official
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Creative Team Looking for Fashion Writer, Videographer, & Design Set (San Diego...)
Creative Team Looking for Fashion Writer  Videographer   amp  Design Set   San Diego
Looking to take on the following here in san diego for our all-girls creative team: 1.) videographer
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male model needed (Marmion Way & Mt. Washington Dr.)
male model needed  Marmion Way  amp  Mt  Washington Dr
This is a one-time gig. I want to photograph a gay, Hispanic, slightly-rotund, about 40 year old male wearing a dress for a painting I have in mind called "La Papaya." You would have to come to my stu
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Traditional Sculptor Sculpt Creature for Molding/Casting Model Kits (West Los Angeles)
Traditional Sculptor Sculpt Creature for Molding Casting Model Kits  West Los Angeles
I have produced a very low budget independent film. The film has some cool cgi creatures in it. I was going to 3D print the creatures and try to sell prints of them, but the process is very expensiv
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Sew sheath dress
Sew sheath dress
Prefer someone that can sew from photos / drawings. Fit model provided. Professional photos provided of finished dress.Please reply with how many hours you estimate to create one sheath dress, a photo
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Searching for an AGENT! (Los Angeles )
Searching for an AGENT   Los Angeles
I am an enthusiastic, ambitious and irreverent wardrobe stylist and personal shopper with extensive experience with film, music videos and editorials. I've worked with celebrities to dress them for re
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Guys: Make $80 for 30 minutes work (Palm Springs)
Guys  Make  80 for 30 minutes work  Palm Springs
Body models needed "of all shapes and sizes" for extra work for adult site. Our main model work is done, so your face can be covered. Especially need "hairy" , "alternative/rock" , "ginger", "foo
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Do you know the Palm Springs art/design scene? (Palm Springs)
Do you know the Palm Springs art design scene   Palm Springs
I'm looking to launch a show in Palm Springs and/or open an art gallery. I don't know Palm Springs well - I'm from NYC. I'm looking for a consultant to help me navigate Palm Springs to find a space or
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Use Your Business Expertise to Run a Kitsy Lane Boutique
Use Your Business Expertise to Run a Kitsy Lane Boutique
I am the owner of a small daycare in my community where I manage and oversee all business operations. Since I have expertise in running a business, I decided to start up an online jewelry boutique thr
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We love Palm Springs! (Palm Springs)
We love Palm Springs    Palm Springs
CBS & EMMY WINNING PRODUCTION COMPANY IS Looking for....We want to help you find out the truth in a situation between you and someone or certain people?Do you need a FREE DNA (Adult or Baby) test for
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Infomercial- Are You Ready To Help Us With A New Product? Infomercial (Desert-SoCal)
Infomercial- Are You Ready To Help Us With A New Product  Infomercial  Desert-SoCal
We have a new product that needs some video for an Infomercial.Are you the right person or production company for this project?Our project will have spontaneous shots of people in malls or gyms orsimi
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Amatuer model seeks photographer (Coachella valley)
Amatuer model seeks photographer   Coachella valley
Hello!I am a 19 year old curvy girl (about 170, 5'2", and a big chest) who is really into pinup modeling. I would love to try and give it a shot. I'm looking for a photographer - even an amateur photo
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Videographer/Photographer Needed TODAY to Help Setup Home Studio (Indio/La Quinta)
Videographer Photographer Needed TODAY to Help Setup Home Studio  Indio La Quinta
I need a videographer who is an expert in lighting and backdrop to help me ARRANGE MY LIGHTING AND EQUIPMENT (I have 3 fluorescent heads/softboxes and a muslin backdrop) for optimal talking head YouTu
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