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Forming a 3rd Gender Group (Salt Lake City)
Forming a 3rd Gender Group  Salt Lake City
Hi there, I am calling on all beautiful and fabulous 3rd genders who were raised as women to come together and meet perhaps once a month. We do not have a group yet but we would like to start one.
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Children's/Youth Choir (Richfield United Methodist Church)
Children s Youth Choir  Richfield United Methodist Church
Richfield United Methodist Church is happy to host a weekly children's choir at 4:00pm on Thursdays all year round. All ages, between 6 and 17 are welcome. We teach the children how to match pitch, re
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Dinner-Eating Crew (Gooding United Methodist Church)
Dinner-Eating Crew  Gooding United Methodist Church
This is a group for people who don't like eating alone, who don't like eating bad food, or who don't like preparing food for themselves and/or their families. We get together every week (on Wednesdays
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Paranormal Investigations (Magic Valley)
Paranormal Investigations  Magic Valley
Are you having events that you cannot explain or may might believe it to be paranormal, please visit us at and get in contact with us. Our services are 100% free of charge, and we will h
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Mystic Creek Ponies - Please read information. (Shoshone)
Mystic Creek Ponies - Please read information   Shoshone
Mystic Creek Ponies is a non-profit organization where we take in disabled children/adults, troubled youth, and families and let them interact with our miniature horses, go on cart drives, and ride ou
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Sleep and Stress Issues? This may help
Sleep and Stress Issues  This may help
I have composed a composition for relaxation and help with mental fatigue and stress. It uses a binaural frequency that sooths, calms and relaxes. The piece is approximately 15 minutes. For this sound
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SKATE SAILING CLUB starting (Clifton, CO)
SKATE SAILING CLUB starting  Clifton  CO
Try it and maybe join our club.You'll find it hard to believe what you can do on a parking lot with a hand held sail on a skateboard, longboard, pair of quad-skates or inline skates. This is an old t
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A Coed, "Back to Basics" Traditional Scouting Program... for Everyone! (Salt Lake City)
A Coed   Back to Basics  Traditional Scouting Program    for Everyone   Salt Lake City
The Baden-Powell Service Association (BPSA) is recruiting youths and adults interested in Traditional Scouting in the Salt Lake City area!The BPSA is a member of the World Federation of Independent Sc
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Looking for 3 people (United States)
Looking for 3 people  United States
I am looking for three people to work on my team of distributors for a great company. Today is a great day to start as we have a confrence call tonight at 7pm. Rick will be giving away prizes!!! Check
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Help Me Fight For Custody
Help Me Fight For Custody
Click Here to help us raise funds!!I am holding a fundraiser to help raise money to pay for attorney fees. My husband and I are trying to come up with money to fight for custody of my little girl. She
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☼ Chi-Spot ☼ Spirit Balancing Process (Salt Lake City)
9788  Chi-Spot   9788  Spirit Balancing Process  Salt Lake City
☼ Chi-Spot ☼ Spirit Balancing ProcessImagine your life with your body auto balancing your level of inner Peace and Calmness, no matter where you are, who you're with or what is going on ar
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Volunteers Need for Bike MS - Harmons Best Dam Bike Ride (Logan)
Volunteers Need for Bike MS - Harmons Best Dam Bike Ride  Logan
Join the fun of Bike MS in Logan June 28-30! Volunteer on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or stay for the entire weekend and volunteer on multiple days!Volunteers like you are the very heart and soul of Bik
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Freak Picnic (600 E 900 S - Liberty Park, SLC)
Freak Picnic  600 E 900 S - Liberty Park  SLC
ATTENTION FREAKS OF UTAH!This year (our first year) we want to keep it simple, come, socialize, and creep out the normal people.September 8th, 2013Please bring your own food and drinks, if you want to
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AuNatural50PlusHotTubClub (Durango Area)
AuNatural50PlusHotTubClub  Durango Area
Durango 50 plus Couple starting a fun, socializing and relaxing casual Au Natural Hot Tub Club in the Durango area for couples and singles that enjoy hot tubing, sunbathing, lounging, socializing and
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Preexistence, Relativity & God's Science (Salt lake Main Library, Room E)
Preexistence  Relativity  amp  God s Science   Salt lake Main Library  Room E
Salt lake Main Library, July 7, 3-5pm, Room EIn 2003 Scot Aaron completed "God's Science." Living in Europe for the past 10 years, Scot Aaron is in Salt Lake City and will lead a discussion based on G
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Nonreligious? Consider Humanists Doing Good (Grand Valley)
Nonreligious  Consider Humanists Doing Good  Grand Valley
Humanists Doing Good focuses on charitable activities and good works throughout the Grand Valley, creating a sense of fellowship and community for the nonreligious and promoting secular education and
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Fundraising bracelets (Twin Falls)
Fundraising bracelets  Twin Falls
Kidz Fish N fun of the Magic Valley are now selling wrist bands as a fundraiser. The bracelets come in blue and orange or pink and white. Pics attached. This club is a non profit club that is for kids
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Short Film Group Seeking Ideas (Grand Junction)
Short Film Group Seeking Ideas  Grand Junction
We are seeking ideas and collaborators for short films. Will meet for coffee weekly at 9:30am Tuesdays at Gelato Junction Cafe at 29th and Patterson next to the Safeway. If you are interested and want
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karate / martial arts / self-defense (Salt Lake City)
karate   martial arts   self-defense   Salt Lake City
Now recruiting new students for our martial arts class. All ages (7 and above), genders, and abilities are welcome and encouraged. We have separate adult and youth classes.Goshin Jutsu Karate is a sel
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Board Game Group (Montrose)
Board Game Group  Montrose
Come join a burgeoning board game group meeting regularly in Montrose. We play all sorts of fun and unique board games, and especially enjoy designer board/card games like Settlers of Catan, Ticket t
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