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Why we must suffer
Why we must suffer
Why we must SufferAsk yourself this question. Why did all of Jesus disciples suffer and die horrible deaths, when all they had to do is say that Jesus was notthe messiah. And they could all have lived
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Natomas FREE Boot Camp Monday at 630pm (Natomas, sacramento, downtown.)
Natomas FREE Boot Camp Monday at 630pm  Natomas  sacramento  downtown
Join us for our Monday FREE Motivational workout in Natomas at Natomas Park Soccer Field #4. All you have to do is Google it! We will be near playground on the far end.This is a body weight workout w
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LADIES DOGWALKING FOR EXERCISE & FUN =) Safety in numbers! (Citrus Heights, Carmichael, Fair Oaks)
LADIES DOGWALKING FOR EXERCISE  amp  FUN    Safety in numbers   Citrus Heights  Carmichael  Fair Oaks
PRIVATE DOG WALKING GROUP! We are (mostly) women who like to get together regularly and walk dogs both for fun and exercise. We meet at local area parks, the American River Parkway for River walks wi
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Pole & Dance Fitness
Pole  amp  Dance Fitness
Give your friend, fiancÚ, wife, girlfriend, sister, and/or mother the gift of fun fitness with chair, floor, lap, and pole dance experience! It will be a gift they will never forget! Pole dance fitnes
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Marriage problems? Arguments? Come to this free class! (3825 Marconi Ave, Sacramento)
Marriage problems   Arguments   Come to this free class   3825 Marconi Ave  Sacramento
Come to our Free Class:Three Important Things to Learn about RelationshipsLack of trust?Arguments?Cannot agree with each other?Come to this FREE CLASS.If you don't do something about your marriage or
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What's the source of your anxiety or negative emotions?‏ (FREE CLASS in Sacramento)
What s the source of your anxiety or negative emotions   8207    FREE CLASS in Sacramento
Come to the "How to Help Yourself or Someone Else Get Over a Traumatic Experience" FREE CLASS. Everyone is welcome.Do you have any of the following?Panic attacks, severe stress, anger, fear, sadness,
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Destress with Yoga (Roseville, CA)
Destress with Yoga  Roseville  CA
The best way to feel great about yourself is to progress. Our lives are meant to be full of energy and direction. Controlled breathing can open awareness of our body's posture, and with practice, can
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Attn: Need Gym Space ? - $75</mo (Power Inn Road)
Attn  Need Gym Space   -  75 lt  mo  Power Inn Road
Whether you have one Boxer, a handful of MMA amateurs or a group of Muay Thai hopefuls, we have gym space for your needs !We have ample floor space for you to give classes every day (between our class
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Life Improvement Group (Sacramento)
Life Improvement Group   Sacramento
1. Do you like reading Life improvement books or attending free workshops?2. Would you like to learn more about how to effectively get rid of stress, improve your relationships, and achieve your goals
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CANCER??? See cancer disolved in 100 videos (Ca)
CANCER    See cancer disolved in 100 videos  Ca
((Non medical service)) (Before and After thigh cancer*** *Watch CANCER DRY UP !!!!!
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CANCER??? LEG cancer disolved (Ca)
CANCER    LEG cancer disolved  Ca
Before and After photo thigh cancer ....Cancer is Cast Out......The last 3 years Jesus Has healed people though my HANDS.Many miracle healings. Mystery Illnesses and Chronic Pains vanish.It is a s
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Relationships are one of the most important parts of life. Do you have fights or arguments in your relationship? Do you have worries or lack of trust in your relationship? Call us for a free consultat
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Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Sacramento)
Universal Declaration of Human Rights  Sacramento
Have you ever heard of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? No? Well, you see, that's the problem. Not enough people even know they have those basic rights because nobody had ever told them. The
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Go for your goals group (Sacramento)
Go for your goals group  Sacramento
Do you have grand goals and high dreams? Do you want to be all you can be? Do you want to achieve your heart's desires? Join this group, and let's reach the stars! We learn about life improvement and
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Are you a truth seeker at heart? (Sacramento area)
Are you a truth seeker at heart   Sacramento area
Do you like reading books about life and truths about the universe? Do you think that you possess untapped potentials that you would like to develop? Have you ever had "spiritual" experiences before?
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Support group for people who lost a loved one (Sacramento area)
Support group for people who lost a loved one  Sacramento area
If you have lost a family member and you are upset, depressed or just not doing well in life because of it, then join our group. We offer great support for this! Call Tony at (916) 519-5287 for more i
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38 lbs. 18 weeks. Results!
38 lbs  18 weeks  Results
I'm looking for 5 individuals who want to lose 30-50 lbs.I team up with a company (called Beachbody) that equips me with all the tools I need to help you succeed. Our groups provide you with two coach
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Senior Citizen Walks 2,935 miles across USA (Currently in Reno/Tahoe area)
Senior Citizen Walks 2 935 miles across USA  Currently in Reno Tahoe area
Senior Citizen and Veteran Walks Across America 4 Cancer. He will walk 2,935 Miles from Vacaville California to Baltimore Maryland for Cancer patients, Cancer awareness, and Cancer research. Please do
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lets start a luciferian church in reno (reno/sparks)
lets start a luciferian church in reno  reno sparks
i know you are there, just waiting to join us, a group of people devoted to worship satan and to learn from his teachings, Darkness is great, helps to kkeep your eyes and senses open. gives you freed
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Free 30-Day Clean Eating & Fitness Challenge (Online)
Free 30-Day Clean Eating  amp  Fitness Challenge  Online
I am leading a Clean Eating & Fitness Challenge group. It will last for 30 days beginning August 23. It will be a closed Facebook group in which participants will post their workouts, eating success
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