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2-15 inch JBL DJ speakers plus mixer board - $750 (Visalia/Fresno)
2-15 inch JBL DJ speakers plus mixer board -  750  Visalia Fresno
I got 2 self powered JBL 15 inch EON DJ speakers and 6 channel mixing board for sale.I cant use them anymore and want a good home for them. Also i have all the plugs and wires to go with them. Please
  750 USD
Clarinet (Visalia)
Clarinet  Visalia
Bundy Clarinet: This clarinet is in great condition..pads are great...ready for school... This should sell quickly....price 200 firmCall me 8am-10pm at (559) 736-O6 four nine, or
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**Ibanez Electric Bass & 100 Watt Ampeg Amp For Sale OR Trade** - $200 (Visalia)
Ibanez Electric Bass  amp  100 Watt Ampeg Amp For Sale OR Trade   -  200  Visalia
I have a blue electric Ibanez Bass and amp that Ive had for one year. Its in great shape and plays awesome. I have to travel alot though and its become cumbersome to lug around. I wouldnt mind trading
  200 USD
Saxophone (Visalia)
Saxophone  Visalia
This Yamaha Alto Saxophone is good shape...has a lot of wear on the paint, scratches and stuff.It plays awesome....I was going to put this away, if you ever play an instrument Yamaha is tops..!!!!Over
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Selling Line 6 FBV (Footswitch) - $85 (Delano/tulare/visa)
Selling Line 6 FBV  Footswitch   -  85  Delano tulare visa
I'm selling a Line 6 Pedal Footswitch, works with any Line 6 Amp (It also has a built in "Wah-Wah"). It's in good condition it has a couple scratches here and there but works GREAT. Reason for selling
  85 USD
Brownsville electric guitar - $90 (porterville )
Brownsville electric guitar -  90  porterville
Brownsville New York Flying V Six String GuitarRosewood Fret BoardShark Fin Inlays22 Fretsgreat Conditionalso comes with a 16' neutrik low noise instrument cableand a frontman 15g fender amp as wellth
  90 USD
Violin Full Size (Visalia)
Violin Full Size  Visalia
I am selling a full size Violin....Great for any student...Call, Text or Email me.(559) 736-O6 Four Nine Price is 175 dollarsThis is the Absolutely Gorgeous, Hand Made Helmke Viotti Flame Back Viol
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Trumpet Conn 20B (Visalia)
Trumpet  Conn 20B  Visalia
A Great Trumpet in Great Condition with very minor wear....Call, Text or Email me....this is a niceinstrument and should sell quickly.......(559) 736_O6 four nine........Price 250 dollarsHave been get
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Clarinet Selmer Intermediate (Visalia)
Clarinet Selmer Intermediate  Visalia
This is almost Brand's a few years old and still looks Excellent....Pads are in great is an intermediate model but could be used for a student.Call me or text or just email me....S
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Trumpet King (Visalia)
Trumpet King  Visalia
This is a nice King Trumpet its an A301.....Its in Great Shape with minor wear....I believe that it is an intermediate but could be used for a student.....Should sell quickly Call, text or email me.
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Flute EM Winston of Boston (Visalia)
Flute EM Winston of Boston  Visalia
This is a great looking flute built in USA....Plays and Sounds Great....Has some minor wear.Please Call, text or email me.......Should sell Quickly...(559) 736-O6 four nine Price is 200.dollars Fi
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Clarinet/Flute Needs Re-Padding..Call Me (Visalia)
Clarinet Flute Needs Re-Padding  Call Me  Visalia
Getting Ready for School and need a small repair or all the pads me, text or email meI know the spot your in...I went to our local music store to repair 3 pads...was quoted 185.00What I
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Contoured PRO PAC Trumpet Case - $40 (Visalia)
Contoured PRO PAC Trumpet Case -  40  Visalia
You'll never worry about dropping or banging your trumpet again after you buy this case. Your instrument will be protected from impact. This is not a flimsy 'gig bag', but a fully protective lightweig
  40 USD
Trumpet Stand - Hamilton KB500 - $12 (VISALIA)
Trumpet Stand - Hamilton KB500 -  12  VISALIA
The Hamilton trumpet stand is designed to last and, more importantly, to support your trumpet reliably. The Hamilton engineers created the proper counter balance needed to support your trumpet efficie
  12 USD
Pearl Forum Series Drumset - $750 (Porterville)
Pearl Forum Series Drumset   -  750  Porterville
Hello to all u drumset lovers. Today I am offering a great deal on a Pearl Forum Series Drumset. For all those who know drumsets this is a great deal. The drumset comes with extras as I will list them
  750 USD
Peavey Studio Pro 112 Transtube amp - $150 (Tulare)
Peavey Studio Pro 112 Transtube amp -  150  Tulare
Great amp for practice or gigs, 65 watt Peavey studio pro 112 with transtube technology, sounds amazing I played my les paul through it and I was impressed with its range and versatility. Call (559)33
  150 USD
Schecter Pt-Fastback - $500 (Visalia)
Schecter Pt-Fastback -  500  Visalia
For sale is my schecter pt fastback guitar. It's in near perfect condition and has an upgraded bridge PU, (seymour duncan) which screams. Only reason I am selling is because I no longer need a guitar
  500 USD
SNARE DRUMS-reduced prices (VISALIA)
SNARE DRUMS-reduced prices  VISALIA
1 Pearl--hand hammerd shell good rich all around sound[70.00] 2 Tama--solid brass piccolo,drum has a nice explosive bite[55.00].3 Slingerland--vintage rebuild with wood rims nice,c
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Drums-Electric-PRICE REDUCED!!! - $1
Drums-Electric-PRICE REDUCED    -  1
This Yamaha DTXPRESSIII electronic drumset features an upgraded version w/ new audio waveforms for ultra-realistic sounds. Upgraded soft rubber pads offer drummers more performance comfort, better fee
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Speakers-Pro JBL-PRICE REDUCED! - $1
Speakers-Pro JBL-PRICE REDUCED  -  1
The JBL Soundfactor SF15 is a high-end speaker system. The SF15 is equipped with a 35mm pole mount socket, impressive peak power capacity of 1000 watts! Hard-driving 15" woofer with a 2-1/2" edge-woun
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